Production base

The product range is aiming at covering the biggest part of the car park in Bulgaria, by starting the production of 80-100 new muffler models each year.

The production process is carried out on a private site of ASPO Ltd. situated in the region of Jana train station (16 km from Sofia).

The area of the site is 11 000 sq. meters and the built-up area is 4 000 sq. meters, property of the company.


The exhaust pipes are produced from two-sided aluminum and pipes, imported from EU.

The modern production line allows very high quality of the final product which makes it competitive to the very expensive foreign producers, famous on the market.


In the process of developing and producing a various types of mufflers, ASPO Ltd is strictly in line with the requirements for manufacturing exhaust systems. The final products are synchronized with the regulations of the car makers companies and they are kept in rank to the original prototypes.

A main principle of the production process is the control of the quality of the final product. The guarantee of the mufflers made of aluminized sheet-iron is 24 months.

The implemented quality control system guarantees undoubtful quality of the product.

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