About us

ASPO Ltd. was established in 1995 and it is a company specialized in production and distribution of exhaust systems for cars and light trucks.

ASPO Ltd. has proven to be the most serious producer of exhaust systems for cars and light trucks on the Bulgarian market. Thanks to the high quality of the products, the firm managed to establish long term business relationship with many service stations in Bulgaria. Furthermore, the company has its own distribution network in the country.

In March 2007, the new modernized, automotive repair shop of the company was opened. The services provided in there are of highest quality. The service station is focused on installation and service of exhaust systems for cars and light trucks. Not only this but the service station also offers engine and suspension repairs, wheel alignment, tire and oil service and many other services.

Short History

At first the company masters the produce of stamped-out mufflers for Lada and Zastava - the most used car models in the country at that time. There was a market for them not only in Bulgaria but in the neighbor countries too.

Because of the mass import of automobiles produced in West Europe, in 1996-1997 the company developed and brought into use a number of specialized machines with electronic control. That initiated the organized production of capsule mufflers in a high quality manner.

In 2000 tube-bending system CNC was established and brought into use.

In 2003, a system for quality control was implemented and an ISO 9000:2001 certificate was granted from ASR for the USA and from QMS for Europe.


The company has at its own disposal well trained personnel for the specific operations in the production of exhaust systems. The administration consists of engineers and economists with a great experience in the mechanical engineering as well as in the market sphere.


The sales of the company are organized as a well developed system of dealers in every regional town of Bulgaria, working with nearly 300 service-stations and stores. There are lots of discounts and great profits for companies that are interested in distributing ASPO Ltd's mufflers.

The main aim of the company is to maintain the price levels or even reduce them further via more automated production.

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